Sunday, April 22, 2012

Swedish Sites

So far Jenny and I have been posting English and Swedish texts and updates on the same websites. Fusion is a really good thing. But mishmash is just, well, messy and so is mixing two languages on one site. 

The sites will be like two sides of a coin, in English and in Swedish.

We both will continue our English sites of course. 

And, after that, Ande's Swedish homepage.

If you do not know Swedish yet, well, never mind, it is quite easy to learn. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lush: Reduced Price

You can now purchase a copy of the lovely Lush at a reduced price. This priceless gem is now $8.70. We editors believe that this is the best Rufous Press publication. It deserves to be read and that is why the price is ridicously low. You can buy a copy right here

As this was the last book from Rufous Press it is especially rewarding that it is the best one. Editing takes way too much time. We have many other commitments. We want to dedicate our limited spare time to our own writing and other things.  

Thanks to all the wonderful contributors and readers of Rufous Press/Rufous Salon!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Over Yonder Now Also at B&N

Over Yonder from Rufous Press is now also available at Barnes & Noble.

You can buy a copy of this great book right here.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lush Has Gone Live!

Lush is now available for purchase at You will find it right here.

Rufous Press’ latest publication Lush contains poetry by John Swain, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Jennifer Lemming, Kevin Ridgeway, Rachel Kellum, Akeith Walters, Tobi Cogswell, Elvis Alves, David Svenson, Ariane Lewis, Cameron Scott, prose poetry by bruno neiva and prose by Matt Galletta, Jenny Enochsson and Ande Enochsson.

“The poetry and prose in Lush span an arc of joy--rough and delicate, lasting and immediate.” -Kathleen Maher

Lush is an exquisite collection, brimming with the palatial richness of summer’s luster. Like watching August light reveal the veins in shady leaves, the pieces in Lush remind us that this season of warmth is also meta-palace of memory where the scent of clover can unveil a forgotten moment or shadows on water can stir a desire long hidden within. Once again, Rufous Press has produced a thoughtful and exciting compilation of new voices.” -Megan Duffy, Editor of The Meadowland Review

“A diverse collection of contemporary poetry and prose from around the globe, Lush is a compact volume of emotive, fluid, and genuine modern day verse. This joyful selection of warm weather meanderings will speak to even the most casual consumer of poetic wordplay.” -A.g. Synclair, Editor & Publisher of The Montucky Review

Jenny & Ande (editors)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ryan Swofford: The Montucky Review

THE MONTUCKY REVIEW: IN OCTOBER: golden oceans of corn sprawl on for miles hide and go seek in husks of corn and corn  and corn October clouds dancing now, gold and new ...

Criticism By Alan Gilbert

"When I was a grad student at SUNY Buffalo in the mid-’90s, the comp lit students thought they were the cool kids, the Poetics Program poets thought they were the cooler kids, but..."

CONTINUED @ Harriet - The Poetry Foundation

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dumb Butt Magazine

Dumb Butt Magazine is looking for vivid, soul-capturing work that we don't want to stop reading, even when the last word dissolves into our brains. We're looking for stuff that challenges our perceptions of the world and our false moral expectations that have been weaven and woven into our society...not to mention the conventions of artsy-fartsy "literature." We love writing that with someone Ph.D would scowl at. Or writing that the narrow-minded would call trash. Call it experimental. Or absurd. Call it whatever you want: it's art.

Dumb Butt Magazine is edited by Ryan Swofford, a hippie Beatnik stationed in Oregon. He has been published in a few good mags, which you can find on his website, Of course, he is currently a contributor to the blog you're reading now.

Now Also at

Over Yonder from Rufous Press is now also available at It should be purchasable at other online retailers quite soon. To purchase a copy of Over Yonder from Amazon USA click right here and from Amazon UK here.

This book and the other Rufous Press publications are still available on Lulu of course. 

It contains poems and prose from Tobi Cogswell, Kevin Ridgeway, Cameron Scott, Megan Duffy, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Ariane Lewis, Raymond Farr, Philip Byron Oakes, John Swain, Elvis Alves, Christopher Woods, Akeith Walters, Neil Ellman, John Yamrus, Chris Fradkin, Matt Galletta, Jesse S. Mitchell, Daniel Harnsberger, Jennifer Lemming, William Males, Jonas Bengt Svensson, Tomas Klas Ekström, Stina Nilsson, Andreas Andersson, Freke Räihä, Leif Holmstrand, Kristian Carlsson, Håkan Eklund, Mattias Renberg, KG Johansson, Augustin Erba, Ande Enochsson, Jenny Enochsson and cover art by Eleanor Leonne Bennett.


The editors 

Guest Writers Wanted at EC

The window for guest post submissions opens March 15. Please check out publishing guidelines at Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine. We can't pay for guest posts, but we love to publish them!!