Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dumb Butt Magazine

Dumb Butt Magazine is looking for vivid, soul-capturing work that we don't want to stop reading, even when the last word dissolves into our brains. We're looking for stuff that challenges our perceptions of the world and our false moral expectations that have been weaven and woven into our society...not to mention the conventions of artsy-fartsy "literature." We love writing that with someone Ph.D would scowl at. Or writing that the narrow-minded would call trash. Call it experimental. Or absurd. Call it whatever you want: it's art.

Dumb Butt Magazine is edited by Ryan Swofford, a hippie Beatnik stationed in Oregon. He has been published in a few good mags, which you can find on his website, Of course, he is currently a contributor to the blog you're reading now.

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