Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Juniperus Flamenco

Juniperus Flamenco is a collection of poems written by us, Ande Enochsson and Jenny Enochsson. We are Swedish, but this book is in English. You can purchase a copy right here

Kevin Ridgeway, the brilliant writer, has written this wonderful review:

“The poems that make up Ande and Jenny Enochsson’s wonderful collection Juniperus Flamenco linger within the mind begging to be read over and over again. They have a beautiful dreamlike quality to them, a tremendous wealth of concise and gorgeous language that lingers long after that first reading. The verses are vibrant and heartfelt. They are at times hilarious but always graceful, filled with all of the richness that only great poetry has to offer.” 

(Kevin Ridgeway, author of Burn through Today)


Now we just saw that Akeith Walters has also written a wonderful review of the book. You can read it right hereAkeith is an excellent writer! His poems are bitter sweet, laconic and humourous.


Ande & Jenny


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